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Re: [Xen-users] Improve speed virtual machine

On Sun September 11 2011, 2:07:31 PM, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
> Hmm, I can't remember..
> Did you check the virtual e1000 nic model, and then get the driver
> from intel's support site?

Hmm, on http://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx?lang=eng , in the 'Search 
downloads' drop down box for 'intel pro/1000', I get:

Download Center

Find drivers, BIOS, utilities, firmware, patches, updates, plug-ins and other 
support software.

    Intel PRO/1000 CT Network Connection
    Intel PRO/1000 F Server Adapter
    Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Server Adapter
    Intel PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter
    Intel PRO/1000 MF Server Adapter
    Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop Adapter
    Intel PRO/1000 MT Server Adapter
    Intel PRO/1000 PF Server Adapter
    Intel PRO/1000 PM Network Connection
    Intel PRO/1000 PT Desktop Adapter

which looks a lot like the choices in the WinXP Hardware Wizard, none of which 
would 'start' the qemu nic. And the 'product family' box choices for 'Ethernet 
Components -> Ethernet Controllers' return a bewildering and unfamiliar array 
of choices. There is also an .msi you can download for their Driver Update 
Utility which I'll try later. Can you help me refine my search? Thanx.

> Also: Why not use PV drivers?

I do, but there are development situations where the gplpv drivers stop 
working, and I need something to fall back on, and you were recommending the 
'model=e1000' option over the rtl8139. I'm just exploring.

(E.g. - when I was testing fedora rawhide 3.0.0, the gplpv drivers were 
unreliable. I finally realized that rawhide kernels are debug kernels, and are 
going to be very slow, and introduce timing problems. That was a thread from 
two months ago.)

(Later - I tried installing the Driver Update Utility - it didn't do anything. 
I think it's because it requires ActiveX/Java, and I don't have Java on my 

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