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[Xen-users] Xen + Storage

Hi guys,

    i have 4 debian squeeze with xen 4 and all them with 4 to 6 HVM virtual machines. All the VMs are located in a fith machine (A SuperMicro LSI Controller as storage).
    The host servers are Intel i7 with 24GB fo RAM (Debian Squeeze + Xen4) and the storage a Xen 3.0 with 8GB of RAM (CentOS 5.5 + TGTD) a
nd thery are all connect with a gigabit network dedicated for the iSCSI.
    My problem is, when working at the storage, doing backup procedures with the command dd and using the bzip2, the IOWait increases a litle bit, the normal state is close to 0%, but when copying or moving the files generated by the backup, usually bigger than 2G, the IOWait increases too much, reaching 100%, in cases in all 4 cores, making the virtual machines stop responding and even if i stop the procedure, the virtual machines doesnt comes back, been necessary a reboot or shutdown.
    Does anyone knows about this problem ? And there is any configuration that i could do in the iSCSI-Target and Initiator to increase de performance? And a configuration in the virtual machines filesystem to prevent it from stopping?

Thanks you all,
Tny M.
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