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Re: [Xen-users] Should VMs' IP addresses be on the same subnet as the Dom0 and other boxes on our LAN?


Thanks for such a great response, and having patience with a beginner

> Xen just doesn't care, and it doesn't impose any restrictions. Think 
> of the bridge in Dom0 as "just another switch" and you're near enough 
> there.

That helps to think about it that way.

> lots and lots of people (including myself) have a setup just like yours.

Okay, so I'm not being completely harebrained about this.

> Unless your internet connection is 
> rated in gigabits *and* you use it, then it's not going to be an 
> issue for your mail server !

My external-internet connection isn't THAT heavily used.  But I do hope
to have a FileServer (NFS4 maybe) for my LAN and my VMs serving from my
Xen box.  I haven't figured out if I should do that at Dom0 or in
another VM yet.  Anyway, that means the ethernet connection between the
Xen box and my LAN may be pretty heavily used.

Does THAT make a difference ?

> Now, given that you have 5 public IPs available ...

Yeah, I'd thought about that a bit. And, I've got a VLAN-capabable
switch sitting on my shelf here that I've been staring at wondering what
to do with.

I put that off for now, trying to KISS at the start of this.

Good food for thought.

> NB - At home the block you have labelled as Firewall+Router is a 
> guest on my Xen host. I used to have a separate physical NIC given 
> over to this with PCI passthrough, but at the moment I'm using a 
> single NIC as my new box is very light on slots and I'm using PPPoE 
> which means the modem itself can be on the LAN. At some point I'll 
> probably pick myself up a small switch that can do VLANs and split 
> them out again.

Right now I'm on ATT DSL, which is PPPoE.  I put the modem in a passive
bridge mode, and am handling the PPPoE on the Firewall+Router.

My box is light on slots too, and I'm a bit nervous about PCI
Passthrough.  There's tons written about it, and from what I've seen,
lots of nitpicky problems.  Maybe later I'll try that.

Thanks a lot!


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