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Re: [Xen-users] how is possible ?

Quoting Bruno Steven <aspenbr@xxxxxxxxx>:


I have one virtual machine running Windows Server 2003 with 64 for role
Domain Controller. A two weeks ago I see by task manager CPU graph is always
using 100%, list the process on running are Taskmgr.exe , tcpsvsc.exe
lsass.exe and others process . I never see before process like that  using a
lot CPU . Is possible there is issues between XEN source and Windows Server
2003 ?

I did test with antivirus and update windows for last update for 2003, but
the still  problem. Somebody have idea for solve this ?

Information about host XEN

Xen 3.22
Centos 5.4 64 bits
Virtual machine have two processors and 1024GB RAM

There are some hotfix issues for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 running on Xen (or XenServer) that forces 100% CPU utilization.

I had an issue with Windows 2008, had to download and install a hotfix from Microsoft to clear the problem.

Ken Cobler

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