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[Xen-users] FreeBSD 8.2 XENHVM Kernel on Xencloud

Good afternoon,

The subject practically is saying what I'm trying to ask but... does anyone tried FreeBSD 8.2 or similar under Cytrix Xenserver or XenCloud?. I have been doing some benchmarks and seems to perform pretty nice... and seems to be stable too; the only thing would be nice to be available for FreeBSD at Xenserver/Xencloud would be the Xenserver/Xencloud's Xentools; although I assume Xentools are basically for having info of the ip of the machine (hostname, if the machine has been cloned...) and so... because I assume a xe migrate and so commands make use of lvm and so... for hot migrations and so... should work the same way although are not officially supported in the xenserver/xencloud
https api.

Has anyone ever had some experience with FreeBSD in this environments?. Which of them?, and which FreeBSD version?. The XenCloud version I tried is Xencloud 1.0, which makes use of :

Includes Xen hypervisor version 3.4.2
Includes Linux 2.6.32 privileged domain

Thank you very much.
Good bye!.

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