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Re: [Xen-users] question re xen bridging: how would I enable different names for xen bridge and dom0 ethernet interface?

Benjamin Weaver wrote:
I have a 2-node xen cluster set up on 2 identical Linux Squeeze boxes. An ifconfig on one of the boxes is shown below.

The only bridge configuration on our system is this:

(network-script 'network-bridge netdev=eth0')

eth0 shows up as a bridge. A 'brctl showmacs eth0' indicates as much. I would expect this, given my network-script line given above.

OK, look back (not too far) in the archives and you'll find plenty of advice to forget the Xen scripts (which I believe are being deprecated) and do it in the OS. Debian has good tools for setting up bridges, and all it takes is this in /etc/network/interfaces :

auto ethext
iface ethext inet static
  bridge_ports pethext
  address a.b.c.d

You can rename your interfaces by editing /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net-rules

Note that the interfaces file does *not* have an entry for pethext.

1. Is eth0 in my configuration, both the dom0 logical interface and the xen bridge? It would have to be, which I do not understand, since I don't think a bridge can be an interface and vice versa.

What you are missing is that you can treat a bridge as an interface, give it an IP address, and shunt packets through it. This is the normal way to set one up.

3. how would I configure the system so that the dom0 logical ethernet interface is named differently from the xen bridge?
3a. how, for example, would I name my bridge xenbr0?

See above - I have a bridge called ethext, and a physical interface called pethext. These can be anything you want (within reason).

Simon Hobson

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