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[Xen-users] Re: Working with Fedora 15 & systemd

On Sun June 5 2011, 2:47:05 PM, jim burns wrote:
> If you are interested in replying, pls CC: me, as I am not subscribed to the 
> I have been using xen on fedora since f7; first with their xenified kernels 
> even into f9, then with jeremy's git, then settling on myoung's prebuilt
> dom0, which has been stuck on 2.6.32 for some time now. That isn't a
> problem for device drivers for me, but presents major headaches with using
> fedora's new replacement for init/upstart, called systemd, which relies
> heavily on cgroups. Apparently, myoung's 2.6.32 doesn't setup cgroups the
> way 2.6.38 does, if at all.

Fedora rawhide just came out with xen-4.1.1-6, which makes working with f15's 
systemd much less annoying. This is an administrative update, not a code 
update. Hopefully, these changes will filter down into f15 and f16. From the 

* Thu Sep 29 2011 Michael Young <m.a.young@xxxxxxxxxxxx> - 4.1.1-5 4.1.1-6
- improve systemd functionality

* Wed Sep 28 2011 Michael Young <m.a.young@xxxxxxxxxxxx> - 4.1.1-4
- lsb header fixes - xenconsoled shutdown needs xenstored to be running
- partial migration to systemd to fix shutdown delays
- update grub2 configuration after hypervisor updates

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