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[Xen-users] trouble with onboard gfx in dom0

Running Xorg in dom0 (xen 4.1.1, linux both jeremy's git and vanilla
3.0.4) I get this error:

[   719.850] (II) VESA(0): initializing int10
[   719.851] (WW) System lacks support for changing MTRRs
[   719.851] (EE) VESA(0): V_BIOS address 0x30000 out of range

Onboard gfx is 00:02.0 0300: 8086:0102 (rev 09), intel's gma hd 2000
integrated in the processor.
Xorg runs fine if same kernel is booted natively, without xen.

I understand that dom0 runs in PV mode, thus xorg drivers may need to
be patched, right?

While on the subject, is it so that dom0 is always PV and cannot be HVM?

Is there a way to gfx_passthrough or pci_passthrough a device from
xen/hw to dom0?

Or, should I instead have minimal dom0 and separate linux domU to
passthrough noboard video to?

Setup, gotten for this very purpose is sb with vt-d (dq67sw, i7-2600,
additional pcie gfx card).
Both gfx are enabled in bios.
I was able to passthrough pcie gfx to hvm guest if dom0 is jeremy's
git, but not vanilla 3.0.4.
After considerable trouble also pass through a single onboard pci
device, usb controller, to same hvm guest, even though it's not
supposed to be possible according to xen wiki as almost all onboard
pci devices are on the same bus.
I was unable to passthrough usb 3.0 controller, onboard but own pcie
device behind pci bridge in pci topology. HVM notices the controller,
installs drivers, but cannot start the device with code 10. ð


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