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Re: [Xen-users] centos 6 xen?

On 10/07/2011 01:46 PM, zGreenfelder wrote:
Hi guys,

I should lurk a bit longer before asking, but I'm getting a bit
frustrated.   it seems that centos 6/red hat6 is working on getting
away from xen, but at this point it's still my preferred hypervisor.

Just to clarify; Red Hat has to choose where they invest their programmer's time. The release kernel is (and will remain) 2.6.32 for the life of EL6. In that version, Xen (and other popular tools) were not in the mainline, so providing support for Xen would mean a fairly heavy investment in maintaining a large patch set.

From what I gather, I'd wager we'll see Xen back in RHEL for version 7. In the mean time, I know that many are working on adding external support for Xen in EL6. I'm not sure what the current state is, but I do believe the most recent focus has been restoring dom0 support for the Fedora 16 release. Once that is finalized, I'd not be surprised to see the attention return to getting working RPMs for EL6 in CentOS.

These are, of course, my opinions and guesses only. :)

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