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Re: [Xen-users] small cluster storage configuration?

On 10/10/11 22:35, Miles Fidelman wrote:

That's why I'm trying to avoid using DRBD - looking for an alternative
that will
replicate data across all four nodes, and allow for continued operation
if one
(or possibly two) node(s) fail. It looks like GlusterFS, VastSky, and
Sheepdog would
do this but development on VastSky seems to have stalled, and Sheepdog
is KVM-only.

I just looked at GlusterFS and VastSky - these seems to be aimed at aggregating storage located across different servers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to me the opposite of what you are looking for: you want HA, so data needs to be replicated to be available via different servers, right?

I'm running IET. Next project I would try AoE though.

Running anything on top of that in the way of a cluster file system?

IET is running on DRBD - no cluster file system necessary. Pacemaker sees to it that only one node is using the iSCSI connection actively for a particular DomU. You could think about using a cluster file system to offer the Xen config files to all nodes, but I simply fixed this by syncing these files with csync.


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