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Re: [Xen-users] small cluster storage configuration?

On 10/10/11 23:17, Miles Fidelman wrote:
Bart Coninckx wrote:
On 10/10/11 22:53, Bart Coninckx wrote:

Continued reading some more on VastSky. This seems to offer redundancy
too, by means of mirroring. 4 nodes might be not enough for that
though. Also, I wonder if it is suitable for things like live
migration, which iSCSI and AoE can do.

VastSky seems to suffer from two problems:
- storage manager is a single point of failure
- development seems to have stopped in Oct. 2010

GlusterFS also does replication - question is whether it's performance
is up to supporting VMs. Mixed responses so far, some suggestions that
this is supposed to get a lot better in version 3.3 (currently in beta).
Not sure the impact of Red Hat's acquisition of Gluster.

Starting to think that one approach would be to publish all 16 drives
via AoE, then build one big md RAID10 array across them (linux RAID10 is
interesting vis. standard RAID1+0 - it does mirroring and striping as a
single operation, which uses disk space more efficiently). Trying to
work through how things would respond in the event of node failures (4
drives go out at once).

If the RAID happens on the AoE client side, how will this fit into HA across all nodes? The RAID only becomes active on one node at the time, right? Two cannot activate it simultaneously for sure... I think the redundancy for the storage needs to happen below the used technology.

Just my thoughts.


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