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[Xen-users] debian squeeze, xen and a very big problem.

Hello, first of all sorry for my english.
Months ago I've installed a debian squeeze into two servers with a SAN storage.
I've installed the package xen-linux-system, xen started and I could
create various domUs, live migrate them from one node to another and
everything without any problem.
The debian version was 6.0.2.
Today I've run aptitude and upgraded some packages as suggested.
Now the system has debian version 6.0.3.
Xen is 4.0.1.
I've upgraded also the domuS, all of them are debian squeeze machines.
By now the live migration doesn't work anymore.
Here is what xend.log says:

[2011-10-13 17:59:53 11629] INFO (XendCheckpoint:423) ERROR Internal
error: Error when reading batch size
[2011-10-13 17:59:53 11629] INFO (XendCheckpoint:423) ERROR Internal
error: error when buffering batch, finishing

It's a very big problem for me.
I can't believe that a serious distribution like debian do not do
tests before suggest an upgrade.
There are others here with squeeze and xen that have the same problem?

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