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Re: [Xen-users] debian squeeze, xen and a very big problem.

"You need to run your own test servers if you want a working update
since we don't test stuff like live migration (that is most basic
functionality)" makes me chuckle a bit. 2 test servers can buy
helluvah support contract, where the issues would probably be
addressed quickly. Shouldn't it be that the user tests anything that
is related to oddness of his own setup and a distro tests all that is
basic functionality?

If a upgrade from minor release A to minor release B fails like that
it's perfectly OK to come forward and say "OK that must be a
regression, sorry. Please open a bug immediately" instead of yet
another round of
Q: Xen issue in Debian
A: "blame and flame the user"

More practical:
Is there any place a user could look up which tests *are* being run continuosly?
Then a end user would have a chance to see if something he would need
is missing and define the set of additional tests he needs to do, plus
also report the results back.


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