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[Xen-users] newbie question

I used xen about 2 years back, then moved to vmware esxi.  Would like
to go back to xen.  Have a couple of questions.  I spent a lot of time
googling, and have been thoroughly confused...

A bit of background - I am using Debian Wheezy.  I just did a apt-get
update/upgrade and virt-manager cannot see my virtual machines
anymore, other than dom0.  Since I have not been impressed with
virt-manager anyway (cannot reboot a virtual machine, etc), I have a

1)  In debian, what is the best/native way to create/configure domUs?
  xen-utils-4.1?  xen-tools?
2)  Is there really no easier way to set up networking?  I want to set
up 2 private, non-routed networks, and one natted network, and one
bridged network.  The natted and bridged interface should be on the
physical eth0, the private ones should not be on eth0
3)  What is the best way to install win7?  Use redhat's unsigned drivers?
4)  What is the best open solaris?  Use e1000 network driver?
5)  Is there a good way to do sata passthrough?  I want to passthrough
all my sata drives to opensolaris (to do ZFS)
6)  I have 16Gigs of ram, should I really limit dom0's ram to 2G or
4G?  The other virtual machines will be brought up and down as need

Really appreciate any help you can provide.  A definitive link for
each of the above would be great! :) :)

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