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Re: [Xen-users] newbie question

bofh wrote:

1)  In debian, what is the best/native way to create/configure domUs?
  xen-utils-4.1?  xen-tools?

These days I do it manually. debootstrap to create an initial image, but then I just clone that to make new guests.

2)  Is there really no easier way to set up networking?  I want to set
up 2 private, non-routed networks, and one natted network, and one
bridged network.  The natted and bridged interface should be on the
physical eth0, the private ones should not be on eth0

Hard to answer when you don't say what the comparison is with !
Just don't use any Xen network-script and create the bridges with the native tools. Creating bridges is a doddle in Debian these days.

6)  I have 16Gigs of ram, should I really limit dom0's ram to 2G or

Probably less. Apparently various tables are sized at boot time according to total RAM. So limiting RAM to what is actually needed results in these tables being sized accordingly. Besides, it avoids resizing Dom0 memory every time you start/stop a guest.

PS - BOFH ? Surely an imposter.

Simon Hobson

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