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Re: [Xen-users] newbie question

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 6:12 PM, Simon Hobson <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> bofh wrote:
>> 1)  In debian, what is the best/native way to create/configure domUs?
>>  xen-utils-4.1?  xen-tools?
> These days I do it manually. debootstrap to create an initial image, but
> then I just clone that to make new guests.

OK, debootstrap...  OK means cp everything?  I can do that.

>> 2)  Is there really no easier way to set up networking?  I want to set
>> up 2 private, non-routed networks, and one natted network, and one
>> bridged network.  The natted and bridged interface should be on the
>> physical eth0, the private ones should not be on eth0
> Hard to answer when you don't say what the comparison is with !
> Just don't use any Xen network-script and create the bridges with the native
> tools. Creating bridges is a doddle in Debian these days.

I want to create my VMs to use one (or more) of the four interfaces

a)  non-routed self contained class C (
b)  non-routed self contained class C (
c)  natted interface to eth0 (so that I can "hide" behind a NAT)
d)  bridged interface to eth0 (so that I can pick up a live IP off the wire)

So d) sounds like I just create a bridge, and point my VMs to the
bridge.  OK, easy enough.

>> 6)  I have 16Gigs of ram, should I really limit dom0's ram to 2G or
>> 4G?
> Probably less. Apparently various tables are sized at boot time according to
> total RAM. So limiting RAM to what is actually needed results in these
> tables being sized accordingly. Besides, it avoids resizing Dom0 memory
> every time you start/stop a guest.

Since this is my laptop, I'm thinking of using dom0 for my primary
desktop too :P :P :P :P

> PS - BOFH ? Surely an imposter.

Hmm, what was your email address again?

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