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Re: [Xen-users] HVM domain without PV drivers: graceful shutdown notpossible

On 18 October 2011 15:43, xenusers <m+xenusers@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Anyhow, as I was saying before the erroneous send, check your domU config
> and see if you have an empty cdrom drive assigned.  If so, remove it and see
> if your issues with the GPLPV drivers disappear (if that's indeed your
> problem, James replied to my previous thread with links to some updated
> versions that didn't have the issue).

I left the configuration file without the cd-rom and I successfully
installed the
gpl pv driver. Then after the reboot, it worked like a charm.

disk entry:
disk = [ 'file:/mnt/dati/xen/vmstore/windows-7/xenwin7.img,hda,w' ]

Now, windows is still in Test Mode (I guess it should be reported with
TESTSIGNING OFF, isn't it?).

Do you think that replacing the disk entry again with the following, will make
crash the system again?

disk = [ 'file:/mnt/dati/xen/vmstore/windows-7/xenwin7.img,hda,w',
'phy:/dev/cdrom,hdc:cdrom,r' ]

By the way, I didn't understand how to use the command "xl cd-insert
I don't understand if it is possible to bind an iso image as a cd rom
for the guest OS or not, and
how can I virtually insert a cd-rom in the domU using xm cd-insert.

I read the application help:
Usage: xl [-v] cd-insert <Domain> <VirtualDevice> <type:path>
but I don't understand what I should put in place of VirtualDevice and

Best Regards,


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