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Re: [Xen-users] XCP eserver xSeries 336 support

On Thu, 20 Oct 2011, Stas Oskin wrote:


It depends on what you mean by "support".  Since you're considering a move
to XCP I suspect you're not interested in purchasing a support contract from
Citrix.  If you're instead asking if XCP will run on the hardware then the
answer is probably yes, especially if you currently have XenServer 5.5
installed.  As long as the hardware doesn't include some strange hardware
device that requires a driver that's no longer available, supported, or that
has some known issues then you should be fine.

Actually, according to Citrix forums there is no support anymore for our
hardware - we need to change servers, which is not in plans right now.

So 1.1 will run on our HW, even that it no longer supported by 5.6 and

The only way to know is to test it for yourself. Just because it's not on the HCL doesn't mean 5.6+ or XCP won't install and function, it just means that Citrix hasn't tested it. You hardware is ~7 years old so it's easy to understand why it could drop off of the HCL even though it might still work just fine.

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