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Re: [Xen-users] XCP installation and management

On 28.10.2011 01:06, Bud Bundy wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm a new Xen user and I had some basic questions.  I've been playing with XenServer but I wanted to install XCP because it's open source.

1.  It seems XCP 1.1 uses 3.4.2 hypervisor.  How can I upgrade to 4.1 that's out?  Is there an easy way like a package manager in XCP?  And what's the general way to apply patches/updates to XCP?

Nope. XCP is designed to works with certain version of Xen and it shall not be changed without deep knowledge. Wait for XCP 1.5 (it planned to be on Xen4).

2.  I believe there's an option of installing Linux system and then installing the Xen hypervisor with that system's package management.  For example Debian: aptitude -P install xen-linux-system.  I take it this installation modifies the kernel and in this case is Xen running on "bare metal" or is it like installing virtualization software on top of OS (like VirtualBox on top of Windows system)?
Yes, the package install xen to /boot directory and make dom0 kernel be booted by xen. So it like 'install xen into OS', but actually 'above'. Note that those packages provides xend toolstack, not XCP (xapi-based).

3.  Anyone try Ubuntu Server as Dom0, it's what I'm familiar with?  I read something about Xen being in the linux kernel, then it was taken out.  Anyway what stable linux distribution do people usually use that's the easiest to setup with Xen?
If you wish stability - XCP is your choice. It based on Centos5, lack of many Xen features, but very stable (until push to the limits).

4.  Are there performance differences between XCP and other Dom0 Linux/BSD options?  If not, what's the rationale for XCP?
I'm not sure about performance. May be newer blktap2 is faster than older one, but not critically.

5.  What are some good management tools that you'd recommend?  I've been using XenCenter.  I believe it will work with XCP, but some features were not available until I buy full version.  I don't know if that's because of XenServer version or XenCenter version.

The best management tool is console. I means shell with 'xe'. XenCenter is rather silly (sorry XenCenter guys) compare to xe power. If you do really wish to use XenCenter - dig in to maillist archve to see how 'fake' XenServer version.

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