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[Xen-users] Upgrade from XCP 1.0 to XCP 1.1 Unhandled exception: Failure

Good morning everyone and thanks in advance.

I have installed XCP 1.0 in a SAN Hitachi GS2040. The server is a Gateway GR360F1 with a QLogic QLE2562 HBA.

SAN has 2 LUNs. LUN0 to runs XCP, and LUN1 like default SR where VM are created.

XCP boot from SAN perfectly, and I created four VM Windows 2008 Server Enterprise R2. Everything works fine.

Later I upgrade XCP 1.0 (42052) stable to XCP 1.1 (50674) stable. Everything works fine.

However I noticed the following error in "/var/log/xensource.log":

[20111028T07:46:57.751Z|debug|xcp-master-server|33866 inet_rpc||http_critical] Unhandled exception: Failure("No handler table for HTTP method Unknown OPTIONS")

This error appears that goes from the upgrade from XCP 1.0 to XCP 1.0

Any suggestions about this error?

Thanks a lot.
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