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Re: [Xen-users] time on xen guests goes fast

Answer to the list, please! You may help others.

2011/10/28, benedict dcunha <sylvan.dcunha@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear Diego,
> thanks a lot for the immediate response.
> I do apprecite
> actually googling arrount I found as you mentiond and i did run it on my dom
> 0 but my linux xen guest does not have
> independent_wallclock file

Mmm... That's weird. Check if your guest is configured as HVM instead
of PV. Try configuring it as PV.
If that doesn't help then... mmm... try upgrading xen from 3.0.3 to
something like 3.4x. In my experience I have always used that version.
Also, could you post the whole config file for that particular domU
(if at all possible)?

> I also setup ntp but the system has a private IP  so it wont be able to
> contact public ntp servers
> so I plan to have one of my other server which has a public ip as a ntp
> server

Generally speaking, NTP is a basic service that should be in all
networks. The basic idea here would be to synchronize your dom0 and
all Linux PV domU's will read the same time (from dom0) so you don't
need to worry about NTP in the domU's. But yours is a valid option
too: note that Windows guests (always HVM) will have to use time sync
because they can't read dom0's clock so it's not embarrassing to use
NTP in your Linux box; it's more like an advantage not taken.

Diego Augusto Molina

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