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Re: [Xen-users] BSOD with GPLPV windows drivers

> Hello.
> I have encountered a problem with GPLPV drivers for windows.
> It is similar (if not the same) as
> http://old-list-archives.xen.org/archives/html/xen-users/2011-
> 02/msg00709.html
> Host is running 14 virtual machines with Windows XP. When I'm trying to start
> 15-th windows VM it crashes with code 0x0000007b.
> Booting to safe mode or with /nogplpv works ok.
> 15-th VM works fine if I'm turn off any of other VMs.
> I tried to install debug version of GPLPV drivers - it crashes too, but with 
> code
> 0x0000007e.
> Xen version: 4.0.2 (OpenSUSE 11.4)
> GPLPV (also tried Windows XP SP3
> Screenshots and qemu-dm.log attached.
> PS: Host has total 16 processor cores.

Hmmm... it appears to be failing to map grant entries, maybe that is a finite 
resource in Dom0?

Is there free memory in xen at the time you create the 15th DomU?

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