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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 3.2-1 (Debian) migration Windows 2003 HVM from Intel to AMD and vice versa

> Hi,
> I need to migrate a Windows 2003 HVM from an Intel server to an AMD
> server and another one the other way around. Both servers are running
> Debian Lenny with Xen 3.2-1. The GPLPV drivers are installed on both
> Windows 2003 HVMs and both are configured with two CPUs.
> I've tried it straight (ie. without making any changes). I've tried updated 
> the
> HAL from MPS to Standard PC then making the image backup and restoring
> that on the other server. I'm still getting a BSOD when starting the Windows
> 2003 HVM on the AMD server.
> I'm using Acronis Backup & Restore with Universal Restore to make and
> restore the image backups.
> Any ideas how I can proceed with this?

So this is a one way migration right, nothing to do with migrating live?

What is the BSoD bug check code you are getting?


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