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Re: [Xen-users] Multiple tagged VLAN's in Xenserver

Manoj Rajalbandi wrote:

I want to know, is it possible for an external network added in xenserver, to be part of multiple Vlans? If so, what are the commands to do the same.?

Yes, you will find a number of discussion in the archives on this.

Using Linux bridging, you need to create a bridge for each Virtual LAN, and attach each VLAN to the appropriate bridge - your guests then use multiple virtual NICs to access the bridge(s) they need.

Last time I recall this being discussed, there was mention of a newer virtual switch package (whose name escapes me at the moment), which would have allowed the use of a single virtual switch carrying tagged traffic. But I don't recall any feedback on that.

As to commands, that is very much down to your distribution - so I might help if you said what you are using. The previous discussions in the archives include examples.

Simon Hobson

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