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[Xen-users] Questions about mounting tap:qcow images in Xen 4.1.1/Ubuntu 11.10 dom0

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Hello xen-users,

I am trying to access a guest disk that was created using qcow-create from dom0 using xl block-attach/block-detach, which appears to be the current "Xen way" of doing it.  However, after the following command, no /dev/xvdb is appearing:

$ xl block-attach 0 tap:qcow2:/home/root/images/test.img xvdb

I am using Xen 4.1.2 (installed from source tarball) with an Ubuntu 11.10 dom0, using the supplied kernel-server-3.0.0-14 image.  I have the xen_blkfront module loaded, and see the following message which makes me think I am almost there:

[ 8494.188638] blkfront device/vbd/51728 num-ring-pages 1 nr_ents 32.

Also, if I attempt xl block-detach for that device, takes up to 30 seconds to return, and following that, xl block-list 0 segfaults.

I saw this thread on xen-devel, but it wasn't clear to me if there has been any resolution of this issue:

I also saw some posts which mentioned that udev should actually be responsible for creating the devices, but haven't found any good references for what the rules should look like for that, so any help for that would be appreciated as well.



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