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[Xen-users] VLANs in guest VMs

   We would like to use VLAN tagged packets to be sent/received by the guest VMs 
running on xen hypervisor.

   Does xen bridging support vlan tagged packets
arriving on the physical nic from outside of the xen host to be passed through with the 
vlan tag to the vif of the guest with the guest VM receiving the tagged packet ?

  We have a xenbr configured with two interfaces - eth3 (physical nic of the  host), 
  vif23.2 (vif of guest VM running in domain 23). Sniffing the packet just outside the 
  physical NIC does show that it has the vlan tag, but tcpdump on eth3 shows that
  the vlan tag has been stripped. Any ideas pls ?

   Looks like open vswitch supports the above mode of operation.

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