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Re: [Xen-users] VLANs in guest VMs

Vijay Chander wrote:

We would like to use VLAN tagged packets to be sent/received by the guest VMs running on xen hypervisor.

Does xen bridging support vlan tagged packets arriving on the physical nic from outside of the xen host to be passed through with the vlan tag to the vif of the guest with the guest VM receiving the tagged packet ?

This comes up quite recently, just this week in fact if you look in the archives.

Simple answer: The "standard" setup using kernel bridges does not support tagged packets. You can run a NIC with tagged packets, but you connect each VLAN to a separate bridge, and provide multiple virtual NICs to each guest.

Some people are now reporting success using Open vSwitch? http://openvswitch.org/ - in particular see the message from yesterday by Michael A. Collins in the thread Some VLAN ideas for discussion. This does support handling tagged packets in the virtual switch and guest virtual NICs.

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