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Re: [Xen-users] Looking for GUI tools

On 10 January 2012 17:32, Alexandre Chapellon <a.chapellon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You can take a look at convirt2 from convirture.
> It is a web based admin tool. The open source version is quite old now but
> offers most wanted features for life cycle management of virtual machines.
> It is quite simple to setup (here is an howto for debian:
> http://www.horoa.net/2011/04/convirt-install/), and if you like it and want
> more, convirture (http://www.convirture.com) sales an enterprise version
> with HA features and cloud function (for EC2 and other and for building your
> own private cloud too).
> Regards, Alexandre.
> Le 10/01/2012 16:06, eva a écrit :
>> Subject:[Xen-users] Looking for GUI tools
>> From:Diego Augusto Molina (diegoaugustomolina@xxxxxxxxx)
>> Date:Oct 27, 2011 7:28:40 am
>> List:com.xensource.lists.xen-users
>> Hi list! I've been using XEN Source 3.4 with Gentoo Linux>= 2.6.32
>> dom0 for over a year with very little complains. It has sweet
>> performance and works perfect for our needs. But our needs are
>> changing and so is our datacenter, which is getting bigger and wider.
>> So what I'm looking for is a GUI tool to start administering domUs.
>> That's sort of basic maybe, but it'd be nice to start pointing at some
>> Cloud solution too. We always keep FOSS as much as possible (we are
>> proudly clean and safe from Micro$uck products as of today). I've been
>> looking around the wiki page in my search, which is of great help, and
>> this I've come up with:
>> Unmaintained "Management Tools": * Xen Cloud Control System (last
>> release: December 13th, 2010) * Xen Orchestra (last release: June
>> 14th, 2010) * OpenXenManager (last release: December 2nd, 2010) *
>> XenWebManager (last release: January 2nd, 2011). I have to add that
>> the link in the wiki redirects to OpenXenManager's site. Google found
>> it for me :)
>> So we end up with two choices: Zentific and ConVirt Open Source. In
>> the categoty "Cloud Orchestration Software" I found the three of them
>> (CloudStack, OpenNebula and OpenStack) up to date.
>> So, if you have experiences on any of them I would really appreciate
>> that you share them. I'm really looking for a starting point and there
>> are many choices. Let me see if I understand correctly: "Management
>> Tools" manage one host at a time and the "Cloud Orchestration
>> Software" manage the whole Cloud, right?
>> I've seen a recent post in the list asking for assistance in the
>> layout and Florian Heigl made a recommendation on using OpenNebula.
>> I've been researching in the project's pages and they all have nice
>> features.
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>> Hello,
>> I'd like to return to this question again because I am stuck at the
>> same point as Diego.
>> I am looking for a GUI to manage domU's on a traditional xen
>> hypervisor environment.
>> Also, I'd like to listen for advice about what kind of administration
>> would you prefer. I mean, I have read that it's recommended to keep
>> dom0 as minimal as possible, with no graphical interface. Then, the
>> administration panel must be somewhere else, probably using a web
>> interface.
>> The other choice seems to have the dom0 with all the graphical
>> interface and have installed the graphical management tool there,
>> using GTK, etc
>> What do you guys think?
>> And also, Diego have you found any light on this?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Eva Morano
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Thanks for the information, guys.


Cloud.com is just for XCP, right? I need an administration tool only
to manage our domU's locally, just a traditional virtualization
structure with the Xen hypervisor.

It's good to know about it anyways.

About OpenQRM, or any other application that you have to compile it
yourself and look for the libraries.. everything by hand.. it's not
good at all.


I'd probably just pay for Convirt2 but at work they don't want to pay.
They said they are tired of relying on a application with all the
consecuences.. this is an old debate.

I found this project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/openxenmanager/

It's in Python so I wouldn't mind to contribute, why not..

Are all these applications being installed on dom0? Wouldn't it be
better leaving dom0 without graphical interface, and having it on a
domU instead, which will communicate with dom0 to perform the
administrative tasks?

Do you guys have the management tool installed on dom0 or in a
separate machine? How would the management application communicate
with dom0? It looks like to me that the management tool should be out
of dom0, leaving dom0 as isolated and minimal as possible. I better
open a new thread with these questions.

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