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[Xen-users] Ubuntu (Pangolin) HVMs become unpingable when migrated back to box where they were created

I have a 2-node cluster running Debian Squeeze as the Dom0 for each of the nodes, and Precise Pangolin Ubuntu DomUs.

If I create an HVM instance on one of the Debian nodes and migrate it to the 2nd node, all is well. But if I then migrate the HVM back to the node on which it had been created, it becomes unavailable on the network. A Ping shows it is unavailable. The console hangs for this HVM, suggesting the HVM is in kernel panic although I cannot verify this.

I have guessed that there's a bad housekeeping problem on the originating node that somehow causes a conflict with the original, now returning HVM, and that this conflict interferes with the netfront driver somehow.

Any ideas?

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