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Re: [Xen-users] Clean deleted space in linux diks?

Hi James,

2012/1/18 James Pifer <jep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> If there isn't a huge amount of free space and/or making one big file
>> isn't an issue.
>> dd if=/dev/zero of=null-file bs=1024k ; rm null-file
>> or

is your filesystem ext4 and mounted with "discard" or not?

My very personal opionion - based on a few hundred servers and terabytes...
If you need something *working*, it might be worthwhile to scratch out
a few $$$$ for a Veritas license.
There is a free test version where you can find out if thin
provisioning support from your array is detected or not.

the purpose of libvirt is to provide an abstraction layer hiding all
xen features added since 2006 until they were finally understood and
copied by the kvm devs.

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