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Re: [Xen-users] Problems with serial IO PCI card in DomU


i get the following errors if i try to load the xen-pciback module

modprobe xen-pciback
FATAL: Module xen_pciback not found.

modprobe pciback
FATAL: Module pciback not found.

find /lib -name "xen*" or  find /lib -name "pci*"

shows me no xen-pciback module

And lsmod shows me the following output

lsmod | grep pci
pci_hotplug            21587  1 shpchp

How can i redirect the ttyS0 over TCP/IP? I use a debian squeeze amd64
system? And how can i use the redirected serial port in linux/windows

Am 17.01.2012 23:26, schrieb netz-haut - stephan seitz:
> Hi,
> I assume, you're running a different kernel in your domU.
> First, prepare your dom0:
> - Blacklist the module in your dom0
>     e.g. echo "blacklist snx" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-snx.conf
> - Be sure to load the pci-back Module in dom0 (assuming this has been built 
> as module)
>     e.g. echo "xen-pciback" >> /etc/modules
> - Hide the pci device in your dom0
>     e.g. echo "options xen-pciback hide=(0000:08:03.0)" 
> >>/etc/modprobe.d/xen-pciback.conf
> In short words, be sure to disable that pci card in your dom0.
> Maybe you'll want to have a look here : 
> http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/Assign_hardware_to_DomU_with_PCIBack_as_module
> If xen-pciback has been statically built into your dom0 kernel, you could 
> also try to add
> pciback.hide=(0000:08:03.0) to your kernel parameters in your bootloader 
> config.
> dom0 should NOT be able to use 08:03.0 anymore.
> Having this done, boot up your domU with the domU parameters, you've already 
> added.
> You didn't say how your domU is configured, personally I'ld always prefer the 
> kernel and initrd inside the domU.
> Install kernel-headers and build your snx module inside your domU.
> Depending on your setup, there are many ways to get that module up in your 
> domU, but building it inside a domU
> is comparably painless when it comes to different compiler and/or kernel 
> versions. Even if you think of updates.
> Now, modprobe snx inside your domU should drive the card.
> Anyway, I'ld doublecheck the necessity of pci-back/pci-front for relatively 
> simple services like tty. In the long run,
> an independent domU is much easier to handle. Using pci-back/pci-front, your 
> domU has the potential capability
> of kicking your whole box out of service. TTY can easily be redirected over 
> TCP/IP. 
> Cheers,

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