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[Xen-users] Query - Issue creating VMs when not using bridge that Xen created, but using ovswitch.


I have installed Xen as Hypervisor with OpenSUSE running in Dom0. I want to use ovswitch (ovs) instead of the bridges that Xen created. In order to do so, I installed ovs in dom0 just like for the plain Linux.

Xen has replaced eth0 with peth0, and has created a bridge named eth0. And eth0 is connected peth0 interface , vif2.0 interface (VM), and everything is working fine. Now I delete the VM.

Now, for OVS, I have deleted the bridge eth0, I have created an ovs bridge named br0 using ovs-vsctl and connected it with peth0.
I comment the lines for network bridging & vif bridging.
#(network-script network-bridge)
#(vif-script vif-bridge)
And restart the xend.

Then, when I create a VM( By Yast), I get an error,

Failed to start the VM.
Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. hotplug scripts not working

What should I do, if I want to run OVS as my bridge, and XEN VMs.

Thanks & Regards
Mohit Dhingra 

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