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Re: [Xen-users] Announcing XenMaster

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Wannes De Smet <wannes321@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

>To elaborate choosing Java for our back-end:
>- Java applications can be deployed on a wide variety of operating
>systems, if not all.

This was and still is the theory or marketing hint behind the concept of java 
which - as a goal - was not nearly reached until today as even java is not java 
on different implementations.

I addition there still are versioning and licensing barriers for many users on 
different distros.

>- Eventually the back-end will also be orchestrating pools or clusters.
but this did not leads to java...

>- The back-end parses responses and shrinks updates down to only the
>bare minimum, limiting bandwidth use by the front-end.

As typical daemons in such scenarios usually do...

>- The back-end allows access to your servers over a single TCP/IP port,
>the Xen-API will not be publicly exposed.
sounds nice too, but has nothing to do with java.

>- Again weâre not running a whole Java EE stack, the front-end is a
This would be completely overkill... Ã)

>webapp that lives on its own and communicates with the backend over a
>WebSocket connection.

Ok, so a typical software stack on such a machine would be:
Java VM
any (other) Webframework/language?

Why do you did not use any of the languages/scripting software still 
required/coming with a xen environment or any of the many faster plus smaller 
plus (until today) typically easier to handle/administer solutions for back- 
and frontend too (i.e. Python, Perl or C)? Writing a deamon in such languages 
is not a big job (see i.e. man perl-ipc) and there are many small to large 
module collections / web frameworks available on any levels and rfc.

>- Coupled with Cassandra, the back-end is the only thing that needs to
>be run (one single instance), for any number of hosts.

Sorry, but until today and propably / at least within the next future in wont 
rely on any Java stuff within our productive xen / cloud systems. This may 
change at anytime within the future if Java would be able to clean out alle the 
steps it was/is behind other solutions.

just my two cents here...

Best regards and sorry for the noise,

- --
Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT&Internet
Version: APG v1.0.8


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