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Re: [Xen-users] How do I build Xen 4.1.2 from source

> Hello,


> I have Fedora 16 installed on a USB hdd, bootable.
> I want to build and install Xen, and then configure Fedora as Dom0.> 
> I am a newbie to zen so would greatly appreciate a tutorial/steps to
> get this done.
> I was reading documentation and browing various forums and was not
> getting anywhere. Please help.

Have a look at how Xen can be built e.g. in Archlinux. I have never
used fedora so I can't help there, but the archlinux routine is visible


Specifically focus on the build() routine. Everything above that is
metadata that could also useful (e.g. dependencies).

I'd advice you to not follow it all blindly though, the people who
have uploaded this PKGBUILD have been using it for a loong time and it
seems they lack critical thought.

Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for what you do, evarr. If you
break your system, it's not on me. :) Having said that, yes, indeed,
basically you simply clone the repository of your choice, I'd advice
xen-4.1-testing.hg, and run 'make' a few times.

> I tried to search the archives but was getting an apache error
> everytime i searched. What am I doing wrong ?

You are not giving enough information, that's what you're doing wrong
really. Helping people is not easy when they just say "I can't get this
to work! Help!"

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