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Re: [Xen-users] Resource Usage


>   I am new to Xen. Currently I am working on VM migration project.
> For my project, I need to calculate VM Resource Usage without ssh'ing
> into the VMs. How can I fetch the resource usage (i.e. CPU, Memory,
> Disk, & Network) of Dom-Us from Dom-0? 
>   I know that the "Xentop" tool help for the same, but I found that
> the memory usage, network usage, disk usage information provided by
> "Xentop" is not fully correct. Is there any correct method to do the
> same.

Why would xentop not be correct? Any measurement is a snapshot of
one moment. Thus xentop just shows you a picture of something that
fluctuates and is never static. you probably realise just as well as
I do that CPU, memory, disk, memory usage always fluctuates. With
regards to disk usage, what do you mean? IO, storage size, ...?

Why can't you use ssh? Can you use console logins?

Be aware that a bit of allocated memory is used by the hypervisor. So
if you allocate 1024M to a domU, the domU shows less than 1024M.

> Also, I need to calculate "Residual Capacity" for all the
> resources. How can I calculate that (residual capacity of the
> physical machine) from Dom-0? NOTE: Residual Capacity is the ==
> ( total resource - resource usage ). That is, how can I compute the
> total memory, disk, network resource of the system & the usage for
> the same. 

Total is simply what you allocated, currently in use is fluctuating.
You can monitor network usage very accurately if you use openvswitch.
But even network usage is very hard to gripe in exact numbers.

Maybe you can explain to us what you really need from a broader
perspective. Is it for statistical analysis, is it for resource
allocation and budgeting reasons, ... 

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