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Re: [Xen-users] About virtual disk image files

> Previously on xen 3.2,we can create VMs as the following command line:
> dd if=/dev/zero of=myraw.img bs=1M seek=4096 count=1  //use the file
> myraw.img to create a  full-virtualized VM including installing the
> operating system qcow-create 4000 myqcow1.img myraw.img qcow-create
> 3500 myqcow2.img myqcow1.img Then we could start a VM using the image
> file myqcow2.img with a suited configure file. However now on xen
> 4.1.2,I would also like to create a VM whose qcow2 format image is
> based on a qcow2 format image.I try to use the command of
> dd,qcow-create and qemu-img-xen to create a image file as my VM's
> virtual disk image ,but I failed.What shall i do specifically?Which
> command should be use?How to configure the VM? I need your help. hxk 

The stupid is becoming strong on this list, Luke. I sense another one
of those challenges of the "please help me with hardly any info" type.
The blob above is barely readable.

Since my crystal ball is broken here is a very short guide to getting
help. This is directed to ALL OF YOU who keep sending these annoying
"please help" messages I usually ignore.


* increase readability of your text;
* Detail to us what you tried to do but this time include real world
  examples/error messages/etc.
* read the long guide to getting help here:

Or don't follow these guidelines and risk seeing your question
disappear into the archives without ever being solved. I could not
possibly care less.

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