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[Xen-users] How to Configure XCP 1.5 beta Installation

XenServer Installation Guide from 
This is a step by step guide for the installation.  I have some
questions as to the content of the guide:

p.5 Enable thin provisioning (Optimized storage for XenDesktop).
What does this mean? What are the values and consequences?

p. 5 One of the choices is not to prepare any storage, but perform an
advanced configuration after the installation.  Where might I find the
details for the advanced configuration?

p.5 The recommended action is to skip verification. Is there a
subsequent validation?  (None were indicated in the guide.)

p. 6 Hostname: For DNS Configuration, select Automatically set via DHCP.
Is this valid for my setup where I am connected through my router to a
cable modem to my ISP?  (Will the installation go find the DNS?)

p. 7 Items 15 & 16 address time source. 15 asks for manual or NTP to set
local time. NTP requires a fairly accurate initial time (minutes). Where
will this come from when NTP is selected?

p. 8 The installation confirmation in item 17 states that all data on
the selected installation disk will be destroyed. Is this true even if
'Advanced configuration' was chosen? (If I have multiple disks, how will
I point to the one for the installation so it will leave the others for
post installation 'advanced configuration'?)  I would like to be able to
reinstall XCP but retain any VM images.

I expect to perform this installations on the same machine many time
experimentally.  Can this process be scripted?  If script-able, is there
an alternate to CD start-up media?  Something more alterable for the


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