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Re: [Xen-users] How to merge the Xen kernel with modules into one single file ?

You can compile all required modules into the Linux kernel, but you cannot compile Xen
hypervisor into the Linux kernel.

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On 21/02/2012 02:18, wang zhihao wrote:
Hi all,

To boot a Xen from grub, we normally use a Xen kernel and a domain0 kernel & initrd.img as its modules. Now, I want to merge these three files into one single kernel file, then I can boot it without modules. I am doing this because a simulator environment only has one file entry for the kernel. Do you guys have some hints on how to do that? BTW, I can merge the domain0 kernel & initrd.img into one file. But I don't know how to merge the xen kernel file with the other two files.

Wang zhihao
Best regards
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