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[Xen-users] Separate kernel on domU's


I am still learning about Xen.. I am trying to setup Xen hypervisor
for the first time. I was reading the howto here:


and I stopped here:

"(To use the default Ubuntu kernel instead of Debian's Xen kernel in
the guest, you can also comment out the kernel and initrd lines in

Also, I have read about the stub domains to load a separate kernel.

At this point I am a bit lost.

I have searched information about this but it's still not clear to me.

It seems that Xen hypervisor shares the kernel with domU's, but this
is not recommended because it makes it can easily mess it all up..
But, with an option through xen-tools you can create a domU with a
separate kernel.. does that mean that uses a stub domain?

I'd appreciate any hint about how Xen works here.



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