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Re: [Xen-users] read from FC lun under Xen 4 - very strange behavior


2012/2/23  <G.Bakalarski@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> THE PROBLEM is read performace. Without Xen hypervisor read performance
> is stable and high e.g. streaming reading from Dell LUN with Xen with
> speed about 420MBytes/s (under iostat I can see speed in a range
> from 390MBytes/s up to 450MBytes/s)

can you please try the same test with a non-Debian distro to find out
if this is kernel related?
I.e. the AlpineLinux dom0 ISO might be a very easy solution - although
I've not used it in a SAN yet.
Otherwise try Fedora16.

If you can pin-point this as an issue in your dom0, then I think you
should take it to -devel since you're only seeing it in (less CPU
intensive) reads, which is *quite* odd.


the purpose of libvirt is to provide an abstraction layer hiding all
xen features added since 2006 until they were finally understood and
copied by the kvm devs.

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