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Re: [Xen-users] Xen questions (Be kind)

On 27/02/2012 05:55 PM, Pandu Poluan wrote:

Well, yes your guest VM a.k.a domU (please don't use the term VPS) is
overloaded... but that still depends on whether it's I/O-bound or

The loads of domU's have no relation to the load of dom0; they are
separate VMs. dom0 is not running the VMs. It's the hypervisor that's
running the VMs (dom0 + all domU's) and the load if each VM is local to
that particular VM.

In your case, dom0 is lightly-loaded (as it should be), while the single
domU is heavily loaded. Check first what's causing such heavy load: not
enough RAM making the system swap-thrashing? Overzealous polling by
spinning? Buggy kernel?


Just to be clear, are you saying the CPU usage of the host OS does not reflect the overall CPU usage of the guest VMs it hosts?



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