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Re: [Xen-users] Need technical support on Xen migration development

2012/2/29 Sha <pichu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear Fajar,
> Thank you for your reply.
> However, I know that the PowerVM Lx86 from IBM can run x86 applications on
> Power server, so is it technically possible for a VM migrating from Xen to
> PowerVM?

I'd suggest against any form of emulation. Your performance will suffer.

If you insist to do it anyway:
- contact your IBM representative. You HAVE one, right? IMHO there's
no point in having a high-end systems like power or sparc without a
good support contract. They might have some shiny P2V/V2V tool that
you can use.
- learn how Lx86 works.

For most virtualization products, you usually only need the disk image
(e.g. for xen, vmware, qemu/kvm, etc) or the files (e.g. solaris
containers, lxc, openvz). To do offline migration, simply copy what's
needed, adjust the config, and you SHOULD be good. No need for
vendor-specific migration tool

For example, if you use new-enough linux distro (e.g. ubuntu oneiric),
migrating from xen <-> vmware is as simple as booting a rescue
environment (e.g. sysrescuecd) and using "dd" to copy the disk IMAGE.
Migrating from xen <-> lxc on the other hand requires copying the
FILES, adjusting some configs, and running some scripts.


> Thanks again.
> Sha
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> From: Fajar A. Nugraha <list@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: Sha <pichu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: [Xen-users] Need technical support on Xen migration development
> Date: 12-02-29 14:02:23
> 2012/2/29 Sha <pichu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Dear everyone,
>> We are currently we are doing some research about Virtual Machine Migration,
>> and I was redirected here when asking the community manager for help.
>> What we know is that a VM running on Xen can be stored as *.chk, and that's
>> how VM migration is done by Xen. Also, IBM PowerVM has its way of storing a
>> VM. Our goal is to convert the *.chk file into the IBM PowerVM format, so
>> the same guest OS (e.g. Linux) can be migrated from x86 to Power servers.
>> Could anyone please give us some advice about the data structure of *.chk
>> file, or where to find more reference? Any suggestion would be highly
>> appreciated.
> Short version: You can't.
> Long version:
> - xen runs on x86 (well, mostly on x86), while powerVM runs on Power
> CPU architecture
> - those two cpu architectures are binary incompatible
> - For migration purpose, you need to install the new OS with the
> correct arch, then migrate the config
> --
> Fajar

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