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[Xen-users] Passthrough and pci_iomul

This is an excerpt from the qemu-dm log:
dm-command: hot insert pass-through pci dev
register_real_device: Assigning real physical device 01:00.0 ...
pt_iomul_init: Error: pt_iomul_init can't open file /dev/xen/pci_iomul: No such file or directory: 0x1:0x0.0x0  
pt_register_regions: IO region registered (size=0x10000000 base_addr=0xc000000c)
pt_register_regions: IO region registered (size=0x00020000 base_addr=0xfbe20004)
pt_register_regions: IO region registered (size=0x00000100 base_addr=0x0000e001)
pt_register_regions: Expansion ROM registered (size=0x00020000 base_addr=0xfbe00000)
pt_msi_setup: msi mapped with pirq 36
pci_intx: intx=1
register_real_device: Real physical device 01:00.0 registered successfuly!
The pt_iomul error seems to be relevant to my problem. The /dev/xen/pci_iomul device does NOT exist:

[root@xenzibar xen]# ls /dev/xen
evtchn  gntdev

However, the rule to create the device does exist in udev rules:

[root@xenzibar rules.d]# grep iomul xen-backend.rules 
KERNEL=="pci_iomul", NAME="xen/%k", MODE="0600"

I have the devices properly detached from dom0, and attached to domU:

[root@xenzibar rules.d]# xm pci-list-assignable-devices
[root@xenzibar rules.d]# xm pci-list Windows
Vdev Device
06.0 0000:01:00.1 <- HDMI Sound
07.0 0000:01:00.0 <- Video

Here is my 'xm dmesg':

My question is, what is the pci_iomul device, should it be created, or am I chasing a red herring? 

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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