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Re: [Xen-users] __Beginner's_qustion:_In_what_programming_language_is

Dear George Shuklin, the source code in C that I saw under "xen-4.1.2.tar.gz/xen" can't really be called "tiny file". Maybe I am looking at the wrong directory, but could you please tell me which .c and .h files are the " hypervisor" itself?

Thanks so much.

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Xen is written in C (.c and .h files), different pieces of toolstack is written in C, Python, OCaml, Cloud and so on.Ã Please note, that hypervisor is really tiny file and it only serves events (interrupts), memory and CPU (and timekeeping). All other stuff is done not by Xen, but by it toolstack - separate applications, performing specific tasks (f.e. no one can survive without Xenstore (written in ocaml), but it formally not a hypervisor, but separate daemon, running in dom0).
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