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Re: [Xen-users] Debian Xen pciback missing?

Hello Tobias, and thanks for the suggestions!

I had been told that Debian Squeeze came with pciback "out of the box", but clearly that was a misnomer (given the "m" in my kernel config), and as mentioned in my initial email I tried adding lines to grub with no results.

Using the find command I was able to find three records with pci:

Also, I can type just "modprobe xen-pciback" without any errors.  However, when I attempt to send a command to it, it fails:
sudo modprobe xen-pciback 'hide=(03:00.0)'
ERROR: could not insert 'xen_pciback': No such file or directory

I am new enough to Xen that this really doesn't give me enough to go on.  It's trying to insert... someplace, and it's using xen_pciback (not xen-pciback?)

Your other suggestion is much more appealing, but I want to ask a few questions before I give that a spin.

Question #1:
I would be compiling the whole kernel, correct?  I just want to make sure I'm not missing some faster or easier method that would append functionality to an existing kernel.

Question #2:
With a custom Kernel will I be able to use the package manager to install Xen, or will I have to compile Xen from source to have it recognize my custom Linux Kernel?

Question #3:
If I wanted to compile Xen from source, or the package manager is not an option, how can I compile the latest Xen source with my custom kernel?

I found instructions for 4.1.1 in a pdf, but they didn't work verbatim with 4.1.2, and I ended up with 4x .gz files in my boot directory, and half a dozen new grub records, none of which booted.

Compiled from source would be ideal as I could try fixing the efi-boot memory issues, but without some kind of guide for 4.1.2 I would be lost at accomplishing this.

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