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[Xen-users] Xen on x3850 8864 machines


I need to set up Xen on a few x3850 8864 machines, I've had no issues with x346 machines, but the x38050 8864 units will never boot the Dom0 fully -- the server continually reboots.

I've also tried downloading XenServer 6.0 and it has the same issue.

My distro of choice is Debian, but I don't necessarily have to use Debian.

Are there people out there successfully using these now older x3850 8864 machines with Xen? If so, what is the trick -- do you have an install guide?

The problem may be due to pvops code [in the kernel?], but I'm not so sure.

When, if ever, are the issues with this server going to be fixed so that I can use my x3850 boxen? Each machine comes with 64GB of RAM each and 4x DC CPUs with hyperthreading and hvm capability ... so, they should make a really useful Xen server.

If I can never expect these machines to "play ball", then I understand that they would make very good Windows servers -- although I don't want to use them that way.

Thanks for any help or advice to the list.

Kind Regards

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