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[Xen-users] Problem with Xen and Citrix XenServer

Dear Xen-users,

I got the project to change our system from Debian with Xen to Citrix XenServer. To create a new VM unter XenServer is not the problem (and not topic of my question). My question is how I can change an existing Xen to Citrix' XenServer.

Can anyone give me an advice? Or tell me, where I find help about this problem under xen.org?

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

Pascal Jarosch

Compositiv EDV- und Kommunikationslösungen
Inh. Matthias Krawen
Süderstraße 232
20537 Hamburg
Tel: 040 / 611 673 40
Fax: 040 / 611 673 41

USt.-IdNr: DE206942543
Es gelten ausschliesslich unsere AGB.

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