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[Xen-users] Xen 4.1.2 VIF Errors

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I am having an issue with Xen 4.1.2 on Fedora 16 with VIF initialization. I have 5 VMs being started during boot (all HVMs) all of which have between 1 and 3 VIFs assigned to them. The first couple of VMs that are started always seem to have their VIFs initialized properly. The 3rd and 4th VM’s vifs get created on DOM0, attached to the proper bridge and are set in the UP state (ip link show). However there is no network connectivity to the DOMUs. I ran xm network-list and it claims that the 4 VIFS (2 for the 3rd VM and 2 for the 4th) are all in state 1 which to my understanding is XenbusStateInitializing. The 5th VM sometimes gets its VIFs initialized properly and sometimes does not.


My questions are what could be keeping xen from finishing initialization of the VIFs, and why does it only happen occasionally for one VM? My hunch is that there is some race condition in the VIF initialization code as it would explain why it seems to only happen some of the time for the 5th VM.


As an added bit of extra information I can issue arping command from inside the VM to DOM0 and they get replies. However all other traffic doesn’t make it to DOM0 (I would have seen the packets with tcpdump which I did not).

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