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[Xen-users] reboot hangs

Hi Folks,

I originally started thinking this was a kernal issue, but now I'm wondering if it's a hypervisor issue, so...

 I have an old tower machine - a homebrew that I use as a sandbox.

Just loaded it up with a copy of Debian squeeze (amd_64), and the latest xen package - works fine, but...
- shutdown -h works just fine
- reboot goes down, gives the console message "restarting system", then hangs

On an earlier installation (Lenny, x86 install) adding "reboot=bios", to the Linux Command Line options, solved the problem (suggestive of a kernal/acpi issue).

This time around - 64bit image (amd64), squeeze, none of the reboot=[....] parameters seem to make a difference. (I note that the Debian installer documentation indicates that reboot=bios only works with x86 images).

I also note that the system will SOMETIMES reboot properly, particularly if its been running for a while - suggesting that perhaps it only looks like the problem is in the kernel boot process, but rather in something else that's running at a very low level.... like the Xen hypervisor.

So.... Any suggestions? Any diagnostic suggestions to help narrow down where the hang is occurring? Other thoughts?


Miles Fidelman

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