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[Xen-users] [ANNOUNCE] Prebuilt Xen PV-HVM templates.

Hi guys,

I have started preparing a library of PV-HVM templates for use on Xen
4.X+ and PVOPS dom0.
This was brought up late last year as something that would make Xen
alot easier for beginners to try.
They are also great for testing - I will be setting up some stuff to
do automatic testing of distro kernel compatibility against

Mirror page is here:


You can browse what stuff I will be mirroring here:


Initially there is Debian 6, CentOS 6.2 and Ubuntu 12.04 available
(the final beta, will be updated to final shortly).
Included is an OS image, a config file, a README and the associated
licences etc.
The images are bz2 compressed blockdevice images suitable for use on
LVM or a file backed tapdisk if you have the appropriate backend.
(alternatively you can use the loop device but this is discouraged)
All images have serial console enabled, PV network and block devices,
fixed udev rules etc.

I will add more info about them, an FAQ about how they are setup and
what you should do to customize them, expand the disk image etc soon.

I am looking for someone to mirror these in the US for me, please
email me if you have spare bandwith.


Founder | Director | VP Research
Orion Virtualisation Solutions | www.orionvm.com.au | Phone: 1300 56
99 52 | Mobile: 0428 754 846

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